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Help: Awnet Mail Services: Configuring Outlook
Configuring Outlook/Outlook Express for use with AWnet.
1. From within Outlook Express 5, click Tools then Accounts.
2. Choose Add, Mail. You will then be taken through the create account wizard.
3. Enter Your Name.

4. Click Next Enter your email address

5. Click Next. Enter the server details as shown in the example below.

fig. 3
6. Click Next. Enter your account details. These are accountname@mydomain.com eg. support@awnet.co.uk. Enter your password (provided by awnet).

fig. 4
7. Click Next. If you intend to access email via a dial up connection choose I wish to establish a connection manually. If you are connected to the internet via your network choose Connect using my phone line.

fig. 5
8. Click Next. Click finished.
9. Right Mouse Click on the mail.awnet.co.uk account and choose properties.
10. Enter Your Company name in organization and your reply address (usually your email address.

fig. 6
11. Click on the servers Tab. Tick the check box titled My server requires authentication.

fig. 7
12. Click the connection Tab. If you have a dial up connection choose Connect via Internet Exporer or a 3rd party dialler. If you are on a LAN choose Connect using my LAN.

13. Click Ok. Choose Set as Default if required (in most cases this should be applied). You are now ready to start using Outlook/Outlook Express.
Antivirus Software
Some anti-virus applications such as Norton Antivirus modify email account settings in Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express. Whilst we do not provide support for third party applications that interfere with Microsoft products the following information may be of use to AWNET users. If you are having difficulty integrating your anti-virus software we recommend you consult your anti-virus software vendor.

On the servers screen shown in fig. 7 modify your account settings to appear as fig. 8 shown below.

Note. The pop3 server is replaced with pop3.Norton.antivirus and the account name is replaced by accountname/pop3 server name.

fig. 8
Alternatively you may purchase Sophos Anti Virus from AWNET. This anti-virus application does not interfere with any other applications settings and provides efficient anti-virus protection for users. Versions are available to suit customers ranging from stand-alone users to managed networks with 1000+ users.
One specific feature of this software is an auto-update of the antivirus database which can be set to a period of between 30 minutes and 48 hours.
Web Mail Access.
Mail destined for an awnet customer mailbox is also accessible via an internet browser until such a time that a POP mailbox collection is made by their own computer.
This means that if you are travelling you can access your email that has been sent to you from any computer with internet access providing that you have your username (including the domain name) and your password.
This system operates much in the same way as hotmail (but without the annoying adverts and popups).
From a web browser type http://mail.awnet.co.uk into the address bar.
Enter your user name and password.
You now have access to your email.

From the web mail system �options� menu you may also modify your password, enter an address for mail to be forwarded to and many other features. For a detailed explanation of these consult the help section in the web mail system