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Services: Hosting
High bandwidth connection, Windows 2000 Advanced Servers, Microsoft SQL databases, MYsql SQL databases, PHP, application service, on-line statistics for hits and useage.
In our managed faclity we are able to offer web and database hosting solutions for both Windows and Unix based sites.
We are also a World Pay partner and can offer assistance with the integtration of Credit Card Transaction processing.
The AWnet content management system integrates with World Pay at an affordable price. Pricing for this starts at under �1000.
...or do it yourself, (with a little help from us).
Rent space and colocate your own server in our managed faciltiy.
Servers on 2mb pipe provided by NTL located in a managed, air-conditioned facility. Cisco Router and Firewall, HP pro-curve Hubs, APC UPS backup.
Web/FTP servers
IIS5 (MS SMTP and NNTP services disabled), running on Windows 2000 server.
Mail Servers
Mdaemon Mail servers running Windows 2000 server. AWnet can provide POP3/IMAP4/Webmail mailbox access, mail forwarding to an alternative, user specified email address or SMTP mail host. Alternatively if you have your own SMTP server, we can add your server to the mx records for your domain to have email routed directly to your mail host. If required we can still provide secondary mx records for your domain for fail over if your mail host should be unavailable. ETRN/ATRN standards are supported to ensure the safe delivery of your mail.

Whilst AWnet have a policy of not using anti virus scanning software to scan mail passing through our mail servers we do apply content filtering to catch common and current viruses to reduce traffic on our network and the overhead on our servers. In addition we use Domain/IP screening, SPAM Blocker Host checking and Tarpitting technologies to enable us to reach the quality of service we strive to provide our customers.
Database Servers
AWnet database hosting servers run Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Windows based Mysql running on Windows 2000 server. Enterprise Manager connections can be provided if required.
Subscribers to our Basic Hosting Package are responsible for maintaining backups of data they publish on their web sites.
Subscribers to our Business Hosting package have a daily Backup of their SQL database, with a weekly off-site backup maintained by AWnet. The subscriber is responsible for maintaining a backup of graphics uploaded to the web site.
Subscribers to our Commerce and Commerce Gold Hosting packages have a daily Backup of their SQL database, with a weekly off-site backup maintained by AWnet. AWnet maintain a weekly backup of files located in the subscribers ftp area.
AWnet can provide bespoke backup solutions tailor made to subscriber requirements. Please telephone or email our sales team for further details.