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Software: Anti Virus

We take the supply of anti virus software very seriously. Having tesing and reselling anti-virus software since 1994 we chose Sophos Anti Virus as our recommend software based on their:

Technical Support.
Client Base.

Whilst certainly not the cheapest Anti Virus solution in the market place we have not found one that offers "greater protection" against infection than any other product we have tested.
What we mean by "greater protection" is ease of installation, reliabilty once installed and ease of administration.
Sophos is distributed with a very comprehensive guide for installation and configuration that even a user whom is unfamiliar with the product can install and remain protected with ease.

For the reasons stated above AWnet has joined the Sophos Partner program.

Download the latest version of Sophos Anitvirus
Solutions for evaluation purposes.

For Further Information call AWnet sales team on 023 9246 1500