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Help: Content Management: Trouble Shooting
Common Problems
This section deals with common formatting mistakes users make when creating or modifying web pages.
Loss of Formatting
After adding a new text or graphic in a content management cell the formatting is lost.
This is usually is a result of creating a new cell, but forgetting to check the new row box.
Alternativley, is the cell should be on the same line as the contents of the previous cell, the check box for New Row has not been ticked either at the start of the first line containing a different number of cells or, at the next line containing a different number of cells.
Known Issues
Windows Me/Internet Explorer.
We are aware that some users updating web sites using the Content Management admin pages experience loss of formatting boxes Usage, Max Chars and Align after a certain amount of content. AWnet are looking in to this. No resloution has been found to date. Windows Me is the only operating system reported that exhitits this.