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Help: Content Management: Adding News
The AWnet content management system allows users to add news articles and place them on the relevant pages on their web site.
Adding News
Click the [Add News] menu item in content management admin section.
Enter Date
The first item to enter details for is the news article date. This defaults to the current date, but can be amended if required.
Enter Summary
Enter a brief description of the news article. This may contain up to 250 characters.
Image File Name
Select an image from the News image library. For details on how to upload images to the Admin area see the Upload image section.
Enter the text for the news article
If the news article links to an item of news or other event on a different web-site or even a different area on the same site enter the details of the link here. Once a link has been input only summary information is displayed.
This function allows news to be separated into categories. If a news category is assigned on a content management page only news articles relating to this category will be displayed.
Expire On
Enter the date at which the news article is set to exprire. After this date the new will be removed from the normal display area into the news archive section.