RYA Team 15

This site was originally designed as a static site with a forum to encourage junior windsurfers to develop their interest in the sport. During September 2002 the site has been migrated to the awnet content management system which allows the client to administrate the web site themselves.
Baltex Fabrics

Baltex Fabrics required a site they could administrate themselves. Awnet developped this site for baltex in March 2002.
International Windsurfing Association

The International Windsurfing Association was formed in January 2000 to unite the different Windsurfing Organizations in the world. Awnet initially designed a static site for the IWA at the time of inauguration and during spring 2002 migrated the site to the Awnet content management system. This site is maintained by the IWA and is updated on a daily basis with news articles event results and information about forthcoming windsurfing events around the world. Competitors may register for these events on-line by credit/debit card (handled by credit card integration with World Pay) reducing the administration overheads for the IWA of having to collect payments from competitors from many countries wishing to register for events. Also integrated into this site is a forum for competitors and comittees to discuss matters relating to the IWA.
Cluny Lace Co. Limited

The Cluny Lace Company Limited is a long established, independent, Leavers Lace manufacturer. They supply Lace to clothing and fabric manufacturers world-wide. In addition to having a "web presence" they required a web-site that included their extesive catalogue of laces. Previous to the web-site they had to distribute hard copy catalogues to their customers which were expensive to produce and distribute. AWnet produced a web-site that incorporated this catalogue to enable customers to browse their product range on-line. In addition to this AWnet designed the site in such a way that the web-site also runs from a CD. Cluny Lace distribute this to their customers in place of the hard copy lace catalogue reducing their catalogue production and distribution costs.
Helipad Limited